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            IFFECT CHEMPHAR Co., Ltd,
            prodcut list News
            welcome to iffect

            IFFECT CHEMPHAR Co., Ltd, is one of the leading group companies in pharmaceutical and chemical fields in China. Ever since its foundation 19 years ago, IFFECT has dedicated its entire efforts to research and production of the pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates all the time.

            With the whole team's efforts for many years, not only do we get familiar with the market in China, but also gain favorable reputation in all of our customers as well as the whole field. To strengthen the ability and competitiveness in this field, we always take......                                                                                           More....

            Tel: 0086 (755) 83760695 / 83761619   Fax: 0086 (755) 83279595   E-mail: iffect@iffchem.com.cn   sziffect@iffchem.com.cn
            Copyright(C)2008, IFFECT Chemphar co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle 粤ICP备19108946号
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